Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
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Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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In this article, we’ve tested and listed some of the best ethernet cables that ensures the best gaming performance unless you have a good router! Today we will tell you everything you need to know about Ethernet Cable and which ones are best suited for your needs as an avid gamer. We’ll discuss different types of Ethernet Cable including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 and Cat8. We’ll also talk about some of the best Ethernet cables on the market today, as well as show you how to tell which one is right for your needs.

If you’re not a gamer, you just might want to take a look at this article anyway. Ethernet cables are used in all sorts of different fields, and it’s better for you if you know which ones work best for your needs.

We spend hours exploring all kinds of cables available in the market. After a lot of research and testing, we rated the Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming and Streaming by their speed, frequency, quality as well as price.

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Smolink Gaming Ethernet CableCAT-8Up to 40Gbps3ft to 100ftCHECK PRICE
Jadaol Best Flat Ethernet CableCAT-6Up to 10Gbps50 feetCHECK PRICE
UGreen Best Ethernet Cable for GamingCAT-7Up to 10Gbps3ft to 50ftCHECK PRICE
Dacrown Fastest Ethernet Cable for GamingCAT-8Up to 40Gbps1.5ft to 150ftCHECK PRICE
Cable Matters Best Ethernet Cable for Multiple Gaming ConnectionsCAT-6Up to 10Gbps15ft to 150ftCHECK PRICE
Cheapest Ethernet Cable for GamingCAT-6Up to 10Gbps3ft to 50ftCHECK PRICE

Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

Starting up the list of best ethernet cable for gaming with Smolink Cat-8 Ethernet Cable. This cable is one of the best flat cable out there which you can use for gaming. As this is a CAT-8 ethernet cable, it provides ultra-high transmission rates and frequency. Comparing to the Jadaol Cat-6 ethernet cable next in our list, both are great for home networks. Just because these cables have different categories the Smolink can give you high speed internet connections if your router support it.

The Smolink Ethernet cable is a high-speed, durable cord made for the best connectivity and speed. The 40 gigabits per second transfer means you can handle all your data needs quickly and without worry of internet connection dropping off in the middle of doing something important! It also has sheltered twisted pair to ensure high speed internet connection as well as being made from 100% oxygen-free copper for optimum performance.


Let’s take a look at how you can bring your office or gaming setup to the next level with some ultra-flat cables. If you’ve ever been frustrated by tangles and knots of wires, then this is something for you! These flat cords are super flexible so they will easily bend around corners without getting in the way like those pesky round ones do. You also don’t have to worry about them showing through carpet because they’re thin enough that it won’t be an issue which makes installation incredibly easy.

These RJ45 connectors will not only be durable, they’re also gold plated to maintain the flow of data. With these features and a protective jacket for added durability, you’ll soon find that your cables are up-to-date with the newest technology!

In addition to flat and gold-plated connectors, this cable is ultra-durable. The Smolink ethernet cable comes with an upgraded weatherproof PVC outer jacket that can withstand both outdoor environments as well as indoor ones providing you long service life.

Buyer’s Experience

After going through different reviews and buyer’s experiences, we came to know that every buyer is extremely satisfied with this Smolink ethernet cable. While connected from router to your gaming rig, this cable gives you low latency connections, and there’ll no lags with your gameplay. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • 100% oxygen-free copper
  • WeatherProof
  • UV Protected
  • Best Performance
  • CAT-8 Flat Cable


  • None!

Why We Choose It?

The industrial-grade data transfer performance of this cable is a major selling point since you can’t find that level anywhere else. The smallest size cable available at just 3 feet and the largest one at 100, so there’s something for everyone!

It provides your gaming setup both CAT6 and CAT5 capabilities as well as backwards compatibility to any previous version of ethernet that was ever invented! This also means that if you’re in need of some extra durability because your cables are being pulled around too much by pets or small children, then these will last longer than other brands thanks to its weatherproof exterior.

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2. Jadaol CAT-6 White Flat Cable

Best Ethernet Cable for PC Gaming
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

Jadaol is the perfect choice for Ethernet cables. With a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps/s and max bandwidth at 250MHz, this wire will work well in building your gaming network at home! You can choose between CAT-6 and CAT-7 ethernet cable, both of them offers ultra fast speed, durability and excellent performance.

Amoung all these great features it comes with 15 clips packet. You can use each clip to mount the wire on the wall, saving you from having to buy an extra clips package.

So, if you’re looking to achieve a faster internet connection with better response time while playing games online or any other heavy data transferring needs such as video streaming etc., Jadaol is your go-to choice!


Due to flat cable design, you can mount it on wall, table or under carpet and no one can guess that it’s there. Another benefit over rounded cables is that these cables are unbreakable under pressure or if you want to take your connection from one room to another.

Unlike other cables which comes with Copper and Aluminum mixture, this Jadaol cable comes with 100% copper wires which increases the data transfer rates as well as its durability.

The best thing that excites the most is that it comes with the Lifetime warranty, you can talk to the support anytime and you can get your query solved within 24 hours (sometimes 48 hours). Also, the 90-days refund policy is great if you didn’t like the cable.


  • Comes with 15 cable clips
  • High-Performance CAT-6 (100% Copper Wire)
  • UTP insulation ensure minimal noise and interference
  • Safer and Cleaner installation with unique flat cable

Buyer's Experience

After analyzing reviews from buyers, we came to know that this ethernet cables comes with great writing, durability and transfer rates. But, some experienced breakage after a month or few. As per our experience, this might have happened because of tight mounting on your wall. If you’re installing it on a wall with clips, make sure you didn’t hurt the wire. This ethernet cable has over 30,000 positive reviews on amazon which forces us to list it in our best list of ethernet cables which you can use for gaming. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • Comes with Copper Wiring
  • Highly Durable
  • Gives Best Performances


  • No Elasticity
  • Keep Loose when wall-mounted, otherwise might break

Why We Choose It?

As it is a Cat 6 ethernet cable, it can perform very well for gaming and streaming. The Cat 6 ethernet cable support 1Gbps of transfer rates which can also help you with data transfers over the networks. This confirms that you can use it for gaming as well as home and office use.

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3. UGREEN CAT-7 Black Flat Cable

Best Ethernet Cable For PS4 & xBox
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

UGREEN is an excellent brand well-known for its durable products. We really like how much people are a fan of their USB-C Hubs, their lighting cables and ethernet cables. This cable provides great stability and fast internet speeds that doesn’t bother. You can enjoy your multiplayer online games like PUBG, CS:GO without any internet issues.

This CAT-7 ethernet cable from UGREEN provides extremely fast LAN connection. Also, it comes with high data transfer rates which can go up to 10Gbps, with maxed out base frequency of 600MHz.

Besides great durability and fast speeds, it is compatible with any device in the world that comes with RJ45 connector, and is backward-compatible with Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 standard.


As this is a CAT-7 ethernet cable, this cable can provide you great gaming experience and low latency connections. Also, the flat design helps you to easily mount this cable on wall, under carpet without any chances of breakage.

The cable itself comes with additional shielding and better protection to avoid interference, and ping issues. The integrated RJ45 connectors comes with 24k gold plated coating which makes it durable and highly efficient.


  • 10Gbps High Speed with Bandwidth of 600 MHz.
  • Supports every device
  • Flat and Thin Cable, Super Flexible
  • Shielded from Interference
  • Enhanced Durability

Buyer’s Experience

While going through the reviews, we’ve found that all the buyers are satisfied with this ethernet cables. This ethernet cable has over 17000 positive reviews which makes us list this cable into our list. The hardcore gamers are very satisfied with this cable because it provides the fastest connection which help them to play multiplayer games without any lag or ping issues.

Although, some buyers experience problem with this ethernet cable. Some of them got their cable stuck in the router, that’s because this cable comes with highly protective RJ45 connector, but that’s not a problem for a gamer. Just plug it in and leave it there. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • CAT-7 Cable Provides 10Gbps of Transfer Rates
  • Great Durability
  • Flat, Thin & Super Flexible


  • Might stuck in the router

Why We Choose It?

As this cable comes with a lot of features and customer satisfaction, you absolutely need this ethernet cable to enhance your gaming experience. The CAT-7 ethernet cable provides fast internet speeds and high frequency transfer rates which are more than enough for an enthusiast to upgrade your gaming experience.

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4. Dacrown CAT-8 Ultra-Fast Rounded Cable

Fastest Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

If you have a very fast internet connection, you should go for this one. Dacrown CAT-8 Ethernet cable provides you the bandwidth of 2000MHz and the transmission rate up to 40 Gbps/s. This is the most advanced Ethernet cable in the world, and if you’re having problems while streaming and playing games then you can opt for this one.

The Dacrown Ethernet cable is backward supported by all the categories. It is best for PS3, PS4, Xbox, Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, Servers, TV, TV Box, Laptops, PC, Printers, Networking Switches, ADSL, Patch Panels and other high-performance networking applications. Due to high-quality shielding, it is weatherproof and its durability is very good. So far, It’s the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming if you have high speed internet connection.


Ethernet Cables are always rated by their category, durability and transfer rates, and this ethernet cable gives you latest tech to play with. As this is a rounded cable, it comes with extra protective shielding which makes it water resistant in any circumstances.

Due to pure copper core and aluminum foil shielding, it gives high data transfer rates and you’ll not experience any obstacle while transferring data from one server to another.


  • Highest Transfer Rate up to 40 Gbps/s
  • Bandwidth of 2GHz / 2000MHza
  • Backward Compatible
  • Perfect for Gaming, Servers & Streaming
  • Pure Copper, Fast Rounded Cable
  • Fully Weatherproof

Buyer's Experience

With its high-quality shielding and pure copper material, buyers are extremely satisfied with this ethernet cables. Gamer review this as the best gaming ethernet cable which helps you reduce lag and ping issues. It’s compatibility with all gaming consoles can transform your gaming experience and no one can bully you the slow internet speeds. This ethernet cable has over 4000 reviews on amazon, and we’re surprised to see that there isn’t a single negative review for this cable. Everyone is loving this cable. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • CAT-8 Ethernet Cable
  • Can Transfer Upto 40Gbps/s


  • None Really

Why We Choose It?

The Dacrown Ultra-Fast Cat-8 Ethernet Cable provides great quality, durability and the best transfer rates to upgrade your gaming experience. Although it’s a rounded cable, the shielding of this cable is soft, which makes it going through walls very easily. If you’re a hardcore gamer and want the best connection then this cable is for you.

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5. Cable Matters CAT-6 Colored Rounded Cable

Best for Multiple Connections
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

If you’re looking for a multi-port ethernet cable, you’ll find the Cable Matters CAT-6 a great option for you. It can provide transmission rates of up to 1000 Mbps with a maximum bandwidth of 250 MHz. With these specifications this cable is one of the best option in its class offering exceptional internet speed.

It is great that these cables come in different colors, making it simple to install multiple connections as well as identify which cable is used for which connection. This is a one-of-a-kind cable, we have reviewed other ones before.


This cable’s unique feature is its color scheme which makes it easy to identify the specific cables you need to install or remove when using multiple connections. The wires inside the cable are made up of 100% copper which prevents any lag in games and which uses the internet.

There are 14 different sizes and up to six different colors available, allowing the users to choose from a large number of options. This cable offers Cat6 performance for Cat5e price and offers higher bandwidth for cheap price.

The connectors on this cable have gold-plated contacts which prevent corrosion and provide a connection that is always secure.


  • Comes in six colors.
  • Gold plated connectors.
  • 100% pure copper wires.
  • Cat6 performance for Cat5e price.

Buyer’s Experience

No matter how good a cable is, if it doesn’t satisfy the buyer then no one will buy it. In order to find out what real users thought about this cable, we analyzed some customer reviews. This cable has at least twenty one thousand reviews on Amazon, and 85% of the reviews are positive. These users like the cable the most because they need to connect multiple devices at one time and it’s hard to identify which cable is using which connection when color codes are the same. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • Six Colors
  • 100% Copper Wiring


  • None Really

Why We Choose It?

Cable Matters CAT-6 is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for great performance but do not want to spend money on expensive cables. You can install it for gaming or use it for office work and it will function well.

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6. AmazonBasis CAT-6 Rounded Cable

Cheapest Ethernet Cable For Gaming
Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming
Check Price

Aiming to provide the widest audience with good quality products, the AmazonBasics line is the world’s largest reseller initiative. Amazon offers competitive prices, simplicity, and a commitment to sustainability.

Although CAT6 is a model surpassed by some newer Ethernet cables, its UTP cabling system is among the most effective for noise and interference reduction. It is the most commonly used in the banking and construction fields, for instance. You can also use this if you don’t game too much. In terms of ergonomics, we appreciate the small, flexible protective tab, which prevents involuntary actuation of the connection end piece and allows it to be kept in good condition for longer.


The thing that makes this cable unique among others is its performance for a budget-friendly price. It’s a Cat-6 cable that you can use for both office and home networks for gaming and everyday use. It comes with RJ45 connectors, which ensures non-dropping connectivity at 250 MHz bandwidth.

This wire can transmit data at the speed of 1000 Mbps or 1 Gigabit per second, which is compatible with any modern device. Unlike the cable mentioned above, this one only comes in a single color scheme, usually black. It will be pretty challenging for you to identify the wires in multiple connections.


  • Great price to performance value.
  • 1Gbps transmission rate and 250 MHz bandwidth.
  • Great quality cable.
  • Cat6 performance for a budget-friendly price.

Buyer’s Reviews

Its buyers mainly praise this cable because of its price and excellent performance, so what else we need in a cable. Buyer’s reviews are too good about this cable as it has roughly sixty-nine thousand reviews on Amazon, from which the majority of them were positive reviews. The great price, high quality, and long-distance wire are the most notable things in this cable. Check out the reviews on Amazon.


  • Cheapest Price
  • 100% Copper Wiring
  • Great Durability


  • Comes in Single Color :(

Why We Choose It?

Amazonbasics products offer great value for the products for a very affordable price, and that’s the same case with their Cat6 ethernet cable. If you are looking for a cable for your office, construction field, or for simply gaming at home, this one is the perfect option for you.

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What is an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet Cable Close-up Image

An Ethernet cable is a type of network cable which can be used as a wired connection in Local Area Networks. You can connect Ethernet cable with your gaming consoles as well as your PC. The other end of the cable is connected to the internet router within Local Area Networks. The speed of the internet varies the quality and the length of your Ethernet cable, too long, and old cables may cause poor internet connection and major packet loss.

There are different types of Ethernet cables that are optimized to perform different operations. An Ethernet cable is not only a reason that your games run slow, it can be your internet connection or you haven’t optimized your computer for gaming.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet: What’s Best for Gaming?

Both methods of connection undoubtedly have their advantages and disadvantages. Certain factors such as interference, latency or bandwidth must be taken into account to make the best choice. Ethernet offers almost no latency. For gamers, this is an important point: if your internet connection at the source is of good quality, there is no reason for you to come across lags.

In addition, it is often better equipped against interference. In an era of saturation of radio and electromagnetic waves, this point is important: interference can decrease the quality and stability of your connection. However, certain cables like Cat-7 and Cat-8 are provided with shields or designs thought to avoid this type of inconvenience, nothing is put in place to protect your Wi-Fi connection. As a result, Ethernet cables often offer better performance from this point of view.

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming Buying Guide

The world of Ethernet cables is more complicated than it seems. Choosing an appropriate one can be a difficult task as there are many factors to take into account such as the category that make them up and how they will affect stability and connection quality.

Here, we’ll give you some tips on what type of cable might work best for gaming so your Gaming experience should never lag again!

Identify Your Internet Speed

Speed Test Status

There are a lot of ethernet cables out there with different categories, ranges and performances. But, do you know which one do you need?

Starting of with from your internet speed, which varies and make a lot of different while purchasing an ethernet cable. All Cat cables support different data transfer rate, but if you’ve a high speed internet connection and you purchased a cable that gives low data transfer rates then you might end up with a bad review! But what you don’t know is that you choose a wrong cable.

So, first you need to know about your internet speed through you internet service provider (ISP) or you can check by running a speed test on your PC.

Let’s suppose, you’ve a slow internet connection (10megabits/s or 20megabits/s) then smaller cat cables are enough. You can choose CAT-5e or CAT6 cables. These cables are cheaper and quality is also good.

Now, if you’ve a high speed internet connection (1Gbps or more) then CAT-7 or higher ethernet cord will be enough for gaming.

Check the Category of Cable

Cable Category Written on Ethernet Cable

The category of the cable plays an important role in gaming. There are different category of the ethernet cables as explained below after this buying guide. Some of them are just obsolete and no one knows about it.

Some of the most commonly used are CAT-5e or CAT-6 which gives a great data transfer rates unless you have a very high speed internet connection. CAT-6 cords can get you upto 10Gb/s which is great and you can’t even feel any issue while playing.

CAT-8 cable is the one that offers higher speed up to 40Gb/s then CAT-6 but we recommend to only use if your router support that kind of high data transfer rates or you want to transfer big files from one device to another.

Check the Length of Cable

Ethernet cables come in different lengths. For gaming the best length is either 25 feet or 50 feet, which ensures no lag time while playing online games and gives a smooth experience.

One detail that you cannot miss with this type of cable is that the longer it is, the greater the latency and loss of data.

If your router is place at a long-distance, try to make it as close as possible, because ethernet cables which exceeds over 100 meters of distance can cause packet loss, and you’ll get a lot of issues while gaming.

Manufacturing Materials

Shielded vs Non-shielded

The manufacturing materials helps ethernet cable not to break easily and be durable. These materials will also not let the signal get lost or distorted, ensuring a good gaming experience.

The right cables can get your gaming experience running smoothly. For the best gaming setup, the materials of manufacture should be able to function in harmony with Ethernet cable types and categories.

With an outdoor installation for example, it is important that you choose both the proper length and weather-resistant construction materials like copper so as not to allow them to break which could lead into trouble later on down the line when repairs are needed especially if there’s electricity involved!

To avoid any type of inconvenience indoors during internal installations we advise choosing ethernet cables that offer best durability and comes with shielding which doesn’t allows electromagnetic waves to distort the network signal. Cable onward from CAT-6 comes with high quality shieldings and you can opt for Cat 7 or CAt 8 for the best gmaing experience.

Don’t risk frying all devices connected at once with a low quality cable.

Categories of Ethernet Cables

As the internet is improved around the world the Ethernet Cables are also improved with higher transfer rates. So the makers differentiate the ethernet cables with categories and you can identify them by just looking at the cord!

CategoryShieldingMaximum FrequencyTransfer Rates (at 100m)
Cat 1No10kHz1Mbps
Cat 2No1Mhz4Mbps
Cat 3No16Mhz10Mbps
Cat 4No16Mhz10Mbps
Cat 5No100MHz100Mbps
Cat 5eNo100MHz1Gbps
Cat 6Sometimes250Mhz1Gbps
Cat 6aSometimes500MHz10Gbps
Cat 7Yes600Mhz10Gbps
Cat 8Yes2GHz (2,000MHz)40Gbps

CAT 1 & CAT 2 Ethernet Cable

CAT-1 & CAT2 Ethernet cables were the start of internet which doesn’t come up with any type of shielding and can transfer 1Mbps to 4Mbps! Now we’ve faster internet connection and these cables are just no use!

CAT 3 & CAT 5 Ethernet Cable

CAT-3 & CAT-5 Ethernet Cables are the ethernet cables that support data transfer as high as 16Mbps to 100Mbps. These cables are not shielded which can lead to electromagnetic interference.

You might have seen these ethernet cables at some places but for gaming these cables provides worst experience then ever.

CAT 5e Ethernet Cable

Comparing with old categories, this cable is the successor which provides 10x faster data transfer rates and high speed internet connections. For 2021, CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables are the most commonly used one. The unfortunate thing that is still doesn’t come with shielded insulation which causes a lot of electromagnetic interference.

CAT 6 Ethernet Cable

This cable is a type that has both shielded and unshielded insulation and is widely used by its users. It offers up to ten times more data transfer speeds than the enhanced CAT-5 cable. Each cable is designed to transfer data for a specific distance and CAT-6 cables can transfer 10Gbps of data for up to 55 meters and then it starts dropping packets and you’ll start expecting lags and slow internet.

CAT 6a Ethernet Cable

The CAT-6a cables are more durable and less flexible than the previous version, making them ideal for long range connections. They have twice the bandwidth of their predecessors so they can give a stable connection that is protected from electromagnetic interference. The augmented cable also contains shielded materials which makes it even better!

CAT 7 Ethernet Cable

As there’s the whole world is summoned in the internet, that’s why a faster ethernet cable is needed. CAT-6a Ethernet cords has been upgraded from the previous versions to make it even faster and enables more bandwidth. These Cat 7 Ethernet cables utilizes a new shielding technology which offers up to 600MHz bandwidth having significantly less latency and interference than other cords out in the market.

Due to high quality insulation and shielding layers, these cables are more thicker, bulkier, and more difficult to fold. As an alternative to the rounded cables, a flat cable was also introduced to make it more durable and ease able to hide.

CAT 8 Ethernet Cable

As a successor of the previous versions, CAT-8 Ethernet cables are also an upgrade to make it faster and enable more bandwidth. These Cat 8 Ethernet cords utilizes emerging shielding technology and pure copper wires which offers up to 2000MHz of bandwidth, providing you the fastest data transfer rates up to 40Gbps.

As CAT 8 cables are the latest in the market, that’s why these are the best choice for future-proofing your gaming environment. Also the price of these cables are comparatively high, but quite reasonable! You can have a 10ft gaming cat-8 ethernet cable for just 10$.

Cat5e vs Cat6 vs Cat7: Which Category to Choose for Gaming?

Visually, these three types of cables are identical. However, they are quite different and knowing their specificities will allow you to make the right choice. Cat5e cables are often a little less expensive, and they are the oldest Ethernet cables still available on the market. Their main limitation is their 100MHz bandwidth and incompatibility with a source connection power of 10Gb/s. As a result, your connection will rarely exceed 100Mb/s at best.

Cat6 and Cat7 are doing much better, with 250 and 600 MHz of bandwidth respectively. But still Cat 6 can hurt your connection by electromagnetic waves interfering your connection. Although, Cat 7 cables ensures the best internet connection! The shielding of this cable gives you low latency internet connection and you’ll get no lags!

However, Cat 8 cables are the latest in the markets and can be a future proof choice for you gaming setup.

Understanding Electromagnetic Shielding

Another aspect that you have to take into account when choosing a cable is the electromagnetic shielding of the copper wires inside it. It is the shield that protects the cables underneath the plastic cover and determines the stability and quality of the transmission speeds.

It serves to protect the cables when they go inside the wall in your home installation, and they are important so that the electrical installation through whose conduits these cables usually go does not interfere. The less interference the more stable the performance and speed will be. The types of cable shields are also listed below.

  • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair): It is an unscreened cable. This still makes it good to use at home, for example, to connect your computer, NAS, or any other device to the router. But it is the least suitable for use in installations that go inside the wall and require especially long cables.
  • FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair – Twisted Pair with Global Screen): It is a type of cable similar to UTP, where the twisted pairs of cables are not shielded. However, they do have a global screen, a kind of protection that wraps all at once to give them a little protection against external interference.
  • STP (Shielded Twisted Pair): The pairs of twisted cables are each covered by a conductive mesh that acts as a screen against interference and electrical noise. Their protection is greater than that of the two previous types, and they make them better-prepared cables for electrical installations that go inside the wall.
  • SFTP (Shield Foiled Twisted Pair): It is a special type of cable that combines the protections of FTP and STP. The twisted pairs of cables are each covered by a protective mesh, but at the same time, the entire set of pairs also has an extra coating. These are the ones that best avoid electrical interference and are best suited for long runs, although they are more expensive.

Flat cable or Round cable: Which is Better?

Well, it’s more about your preference. Flat cables are much easier to run along the floor and walls while round cables might seem a bit less messy if you have tighter spaces in your home.

Despite the fact that flat cables are more stylish, ergonomic and can adapt to angles. They have a fatal weakness: their shields are finer or less flexible than those of round cable which means they offer weaker protection for copper wires against electromagnetic waves.

While rounded cables comes with a bulkier design, and are not able to hide easily. Although they have a more robust shield that provides better protection for the copper wires against electromagnetic waves.

How to Use Ethernet Cable for Gaming?

If you want to install your Ethernet cable correctly, do not worry about it. You may have been a bit lost in the installation instructions but we’re here for you! Follow this guide and find out how easy is to set up an ethernet network with these simple steps that guarantee maximum safety and connection stability.

Check the Connectors

Before taking any action, the first thing we advise you to do is check the condition of the RJ45 connectors on both ends of the cable. These must be properly protected, either with safety covers or rubber tips.

If they are transparent, note that each copper wire is in contact with the gold connectors and that there are no breaks in any of the wires inside the piece.

Unwind the Cable

If you have purchased a model that is wound, it is very important that you unroll it with great care to avoid bending that could jeopardize the integrity of the copper wires.

Start first by measuring the distance between the devices you want to connect, in order to know approximately how much cable, you will need and how much you will have left over. Try to buy a model with a length that exceeds at least a couple of meters the necessary space in case you need to move any of the equipment. Also, you can easily wrap the excess cable near one of the connected devices to hide it.

Secure it to the Wall

Now that you have the necessary cable to make the connection, you will probably find a mess in your hallway. To avoid this, many users choose to simply secure the cable to the wall following the structure of the rooms using screws with plastic heads, better known as screws with clamps, or double-sided tapes. The latter are easy to use, since you only have to remove the protective paper and put them where you want to glue the cable.

We advise you to place these locks approximately every meter of cable so that you can maintain the proper tension and avoid being too noticeable on the wall. In addition, you can use a rigid plastic head mallet to avoid damaging the surface, as well as the nail or screw clamp.

Installing Covers or Trims

In case you want to better hide or hide the wired connection of your equipment, you can use plastic covers. These can be purchased by the meter at hardware stores or online stores like

However, you should know that you will have to install them before laying the cable, since they are made up of two parts: one that serves as a compartment for the cable and another to close it.

Take the necessary covers according to the distance that must be traveled through the structure between one device and another and equip them with several centimeters of double-sided tape at the bottom.

Place each piece along the wall maintaining continuity. When finished, arrange the cable inside keeping some tension to then place the cover and thus have a cubicle that will hide everything to maintain a more orderly style in your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?

The best ethernet cable for gaming is Smolink Cat 8 Flat Cable because this is the one that bundles all important features that a gamer need! It comes with hyper-fast speed, 100% copper wires and weather proof functionality ensuring the best multiplayer gaming experience.

How to Differentiate the Category of Cables?

When you go to a store, you may see that there are different colored Ethernet cables. Don’t worry too much about it, since the color of the network cables does not influence anything, and the only thing it serves is so that you can differentiate the cables in cases where you have several connections to the same router or server. The category of each cable is printed on its box as well as on the insulation of the cable. When you go to buy one, the category is also mentioned on the packaging.

How to Connect Computer to Modem with Ethernet Cable?

To connect a computer to the internet using an Ethernet cable, you must first consider whether it is a desktop or laptop. In the first case, the Ethernet port typically located in your computer tower while on laptops this will be found either side of it. You only have to insert one end of RJ45 connector into any available slot and then push until you hear satisfying click sound indicator from both ends.

This confirms that they are securely connected together with no gaps between them for creating wired connection towards modem which should automatically detect new device being attached so can immediately start transmitting data across network!

How to Check If Internet Is Working?

Quick Answer: Check if your browser can browse websites, by opening any website in it. As a fact, 75% users open to ensure that the internet is working!

The fastest and easiest way to test the quality of an internet connection is by just opening a web page on your browser and seeing how quickly it loads. If the loading speeds are satisfactory, you’ll know that your internet is working properly.

If the web-pages are loading slow then you can ensure the speed of your internet connection, or you can contact your ISP to increase the speed of your connection (which might cost extra bucks).

How Many Wires Does an Ethernet Cable Have?

A standard-use Ethernet cable that works with RJ45 connectors has a total of eight copper wires. These are divided into pairs, which carry information through the length of the cable.

Each wire is covered with a rubber coating of different colors according to the 100BASE-T4 standard to be able to identify them more easily and thus know in what position to insert them into the connector. Also, they have a UTP braiding style that may or may not be screened.

How to Pass an Ethernet Cable from One Room to Another?

There are many options to pass an Ethernet cable from one room to another in your home. For a cleaner installation, we recommend internet installation, but for this you will need to purchase a shielded cable that prevents electromagnetic interference. Latest category cables now comes with a shielding which prevents EMI and you can easily pass your ethernet cable to another room through wall.


Here we wrap up with the detailed guide for an Ethernet cable for gaming. We have also mentioned 6 best ethernet cables for gaming which you can use with PC, Gaming Laptops as well as other gaming consoles. There is also a detailed buying guide, where you can know which one to buy for yourself to game without any issue. Always look for bandwidth, speed, length and durability of your cable.

In the end, we recommend to use CAT-8 Cables for Gaming because they provide minimum latency and you can game and stream without any problem. This is a one-time invest and you will enjoy gaming for years. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section.