Best Gaming Glasses Review & Buyer Guide
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Best Gaming Glasses Review & Buyer Guide

Last Updated: January 1, 2021

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The gaming glasses have been designed to protect the eyes and allow all regular screen users to take care of their eyes while continuing to have fun playing your favorite games.

Games, especially those played online, have also become more addictive. More and more players are staying for hours or even days in front of their screens. The use of best gaming glasses becomes essential to avoid that the eyes are affected by prolonged exposure to radiation from screens. Also, if you are an old person or you have an eyesight problems, you must get a pair of glasses which will help you to see clearly.

Why You Need Gaming Glasses?

Blue light is one of the greatest dangers to which our eyes are exposed today. It is radiation emitted by all television screens, computers, and smartphones. Exposure to this blue light then seems to be inevitable; these devices that emit it have become essential in our daily life. Blue light, however, has unfortunate effects on our eyes in the short and long term.

In the short term, high exposure to this light causes eye strain, but also redness of the eyes, dryness, and difficulty falling asleep. In the long term, it can significantly increase the risk of eye disease like cataracts. Learn more about blue light here.

List of 5 Best Gaming Glasses You Can Buy Right

Gunnar Optiks OnyxGunnar Optiks OnyxCHECK PRICE
VisionGlobal For Men & WomenVisionGlobal For Men & WomenCHECK PRICE
GAMMA RAY OPTICS Blue Light Blocking GlassesGAMMA RAY OPTICS Blue Light Blocking GlassesCHECK PRICE
J+S Vision Blue Light ShieldJ+S Vision Blue Light ShieldCHECK PRICE

1. Gunnar Optiks Onyx — Best Glasses For Gaming

Gaming Glasses (Blue Light Blocking Glasses)
Gaming Glasses (Blue Light Blocking Glasses)
  • Gives 98% Blue Light Protection
  • Prevents Migraines, Headaches, Dry Eyes, Blurry Vision
  • Good Package with Pouch and Glass Cleaner
  • Comes With 1-year Warranty
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With the Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses, gamers presently approach a mind-boggling bit of tech that improves their visual perception and lets them enjoy the past time they love to such an extent. Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses are the excellent blue light blocking gaming glasses with the protected focal point innovation and are the best decision for gaming glasses out there.

The impacts of gazing at the screen for a long time can cause headaches, foggy vision, dry eyes, etc. It can now be decreased with the Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses. Additionally, the glasses are pretty exciting, and you can wear them the entire day without it interrupting your timetable. It will not bother you by slipping. If you are not a full-time gamer, you can use them in your office and for outdoor traveling. It’s a perfect fit for most of the gamers out there.

Gunnar Optiks comes with a microfiber pouch so that you can easily handle the glasses while traveling. Inside the box, there’s a microfiber cloth that you can use to clear the crystals. The superior thing is that it comes with a one-year guarantee and a 30-day merchandise exchange. View on Amazon

2. VisionGlobal For Men & Women — Best Glasses for Reading & Gaming

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women/Men - VisionGlobal
Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women/Men - VisionGlobal
  • Relieve digital eyestrain with blue light blocking lens
  • Greater durability
  • Light-Adjusting Coating
  • It comes with a blue-light testing kit.
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VisionGlobal blue light blocker focal points made with an extraordinary blue-light blocking polymer from Leybold Chemicals, a foremost lens material maker, that is legitimately consolidated into the focal point materials. By engrossing blue light, this polymer keeps blue light from going through the perspective to your eye.

VisionGlobal Frames are light and basic plan joins with unbelievable worth. These perfect lines, half-edge rectangular edges are a very good choice for people and come furnished with silicone nose cushions for a comfortable fit. View on Amazon

3. GAMMA RAY OPTICS — Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses by GammaRayOptics
Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses by GammaRayOptics
  • Lightweight glasses that are easy to takeaway
  • Protects you from harmful lights
  • Comes with UV400 protection
  • Stylish design that lets you look cooler
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After having a hard day at the office, you come home with a massive migraine, which may cause by starring at the computer screen for so long. To get rid of the headache which comes from your office and traffic, you should buy glasses that protect you from ultra-violet rays coming from your computer screen.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses plays a vital role in keeping you fresh and protecting you from harmful blue light, which affects your vision. This delightfully planned eyewear secures your visual perception and makes the issues with migraines a relic of time, which is gone.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses protects you not only from cerebral pains. It also protects you from dry-eyes, clouded vision, and other things which you got by starring at the screen for a long time.

Furthermore, the glasses are lightweight, and you can take them anywhere by putting them in your pocket. The design is also incredible, which lets you look more relaxed and balanced in any situation, even when playing computer games. Additionally, the lens is FDA-affirmed, and you can be sure that they are protected and sturdy enough to last you for a lot of time. View on Amazon

4. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield — Unisex Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses
J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses
  • Protects the eyes from 90% of the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens.
  • Classic rectangular frames.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • A complete package with a storage pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
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With the pair of the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses, blue light, and the impacts it can have on your eyes will never again be of any worry to you. This fantastic item lets you keep working for a longer time without having headaches.

Stunningly, the J+S Vision Glasses come up with blockage of 90% of the most hurtful blue light. But you should keep in mind that some blue light passes through the lens, which is less destructive that won’t harm your eyes hopelessly. Also, the J+S Vision Glasses lens lets you empower viewing quality and eye protection.

Along with glasses, it also comes with a reasonable frame which is suitable for men and women. You can wear these glasses comfortably for the whole day. J+S Vision Glasses have a one-year guarantee that will surely saturate you with certainty when buying these glasses.

Besides, It comes with a pouch and a microfiber cloth that you can use for wiping the dust out of the lens. If you are a gamer, productive peruser, or someone who stabbed to the screen, at that point, this is the glasses for you. View on Amazon

4. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield — BEST Value Gaming Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses Anti Glare
Blue Light Blocking Orange Glasses Anti Glare
  • Protects the eyes from 90% of the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens.
  • Classic rectangular frames.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • A complete package with a storage pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
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The GAMMA RAY OPTICS Anti Glare is one of the best gaming glasses when it comes to value. This one pair of comes with orange amber-tinted lenses with comfortable pads to reduce pressure on your nose. The frame on this thing is impressive. You can put these glasses in your pocket and can take them anywhere. In the shipment, you will also get a carrying case along with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which makes it easy to wipe the dust.

Its lenses block the blue light, which will allow you to sleep better. Now with Gamma Ray xBlue Digital Glasses, you can get rid of tossing and turning at night. Unlike other gaming glasses, Gamma Ray Glasses have the feature to block 97% blue rays to protect your eyes while writing, gaming, or reading.

The orange lenses placed in the frame can block light which causes, insomnia, eye strain, dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches. It’s the lightweight and stylish looking frame made of plastic and comes up with spring hinges for a comfortable fit. Unisex design is suitable for men and women. Lastly, the best feature is that it comes with a year warranty along with a 90-days money-back guarantee if you don’t like them.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Glasses?

Many measures must be taken into account when choosing the best glasses for gaming. It is all the more complicated as there are many offers on the market. To buy the model that best meets your needs, follow these tips that we offer.


Each model has a different blue light removal rate. Some models only offer a rate of 30%, while others reach 70%. The higher the percentage, the greater the protection. This percentage, however, depends on the price. So be sure to choose the model based on the time you spend in front of a screen each day.

Choose Your Design

Design plays an essential role in the choice of gaming glasses. You will surely be wearing them not only at home but also at the office and in public places if you use them as sunglasses. So remember to choose a model with which you feel comfortable. The choice of colors, shape, and style is vast, and you could find a model that suits your tastes and style of clothing. Besides, if you wear corrective lenses, you can choose for the larger models which can be worn over your prescription glasses.

Choose Your Budget

When buying your computer glasses, also consider choosing the model that best suits your budget. Indeed, the models are offered at different rates. The range is usually the factor that most influences the cost. The brand can also have an impact on this price. So take into account your budget when choosing your glasses.

Does It Comes with Warranty

Like many products, gaming glasses can come with a warranty. This warranty can go up to 2 years, under conditions, for high-end models. Prefer the models which offer a guarantee to assure you of its quality.

The Benefits of Using Gaming Glasses

Since it is impossible to live without screens in our daily life, specialists have looked into the subject and have developed screen glasses. These are glasses with special lenses that filter blue light and thus protect the eyes. These glasses offer many significant advantages, especially for people who are exposed for long periods to screens.

Eye Protection

The screen glasses have specific lenses. These glasses filter blue light up to 70% depending on the model. This filtering protects the eyes from this harmful radiation without affecting the colors. These colors play an important role in comfort and pleasure, especially when playing video games or watching videos. The glasses thus prevent the short-term effects of blue light on the eyes and considerably reduce the risks run in the long term.

Multiple Use

Blue screen glasses are not only used against the risks of exposure to screens, but they also have an ultraviolet filter. The majority of the models available on the market eliminate this type of radiation by up to 100%. The glasses can thus be used as sunglasses. Some gaming glasses also come up with corrective lenses. They can, therefore, be used both for protective glasses and for vision correction.

Designs Availability

Contrary to popular belief, the gaming glasses don’t look like extravagant augmented reality models. Indeed, they look like pairs of standard glasses that you can wear every day. Manufacturers also compete in design by offering models with a trendy and original design. A wide choice of frames and colors are available on the market. You could, therefore, wear this type of glasses at work or home if you are not a fan of video games.

No Alteration of Images

The lenses that makeup computer glasses have been designed not to alter the colors and the quality of the images by reducing blue light and ultraviolet rays. The pleasure of watching videos or playing games will not be reduced if you wear these glasses. Image quality could even be increased if you choose models that incorporate anti-glare or anti-flicker options.

Glasses Usable Without a Prescription

The use of screen protection glasses also does not always require the advice of a doctor. The majority of the models available on the market are computer glasses without a prescription. However, if you choose models that incorporate corrective lenses or if you have vision problems, consulting an optician is advised before purchasing and using this type of glasses. He can then advise you on the model most suited to your situation.

How to Use Gaming Glasses?

Although the use of anti-blue light glasses does not usually require a doctor’s prescription, some precautions should be taken to get the most out of them. The directions to use gaming glasses are simple and do not require much effort.

Adjust Screen Brightness

Before choosing to wear gaming glasses, it is advisable to adjust the brightness of the screens. The amount of blue light emitted depends on this brightness. The lower the intensity, the lower the radiation. Some applications allow you to manage brightness according to time, which will help you to adjust the radiation emitted from screens.

Wear Glasses at Appropriate Times

Although gaming glasses protect against blue light, it is not recommended to wear them all day. Indeed, this light plays a vital role in the circadian cycle (recognition of day and night) of our organism. Depriving the eyes of this light could, therefore, disturb the sleep cycle. Wearing them is especially recommended at the end of the afternoon when sleepiness begins to be felt at eye level. It is also advisable to wear them for 1 to 3 hours before going to bed.

Consult an Optician

The consultation of an optician remains advisable for a person who presents problems of vision and who wishes to use glasses for screens. The model chosen may not correspond to the conditions of the user’s eye. In this case, the optician will be the only one able to define the type of suitable gaming glasses.


At a time when we can no longer do without screens in everyday life, the gaming glasses become an essential accessory to protect our eyes from blue light, very harmful when it radiates in large quantities. These Gaming Glasses are not only available for gamers, but anyone who wishes to take care of the health of their eyes can use these glasses.