What is Cat8 Ethernet Cable? How Does it Work?

Have you just got a new house and you want to install the latest, fastest, and most reliable internet connection in it?

Ethernet has been introduced in different versions, including Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8. When selecting the best Ethernet cables, the most important thing is understanding their features and capabilities.

However, Cat8 Ethernet cables are the latest version that provides excellent efficiency and compatibility with other ports. But, the most common question amongst Ethernet users is, “Does Cat8 Ethernet Cable deliver the fastest internet connection to others?” 

So, I am here to explain Cat-8 Ethernet cables in depth.

What is Ethernet Cat8 Cable?

Cat8 is the short form of Category 8 Ethernet Cable that connects from your router to your computer. Cat8 cable is the latest IEEE standard Ethernet copper.

It is a significant cable used for internet connection for fast data transfer that beats the speed of the earlier Cat cable. Cat7 Ethernet cable used the GG45 connector that was also compatible with its prior versions.

Yet, the Cat8 uses an augmented RJ45 connector to support the high-speed category.

Uses of Ethernet Cat8 Cable

With its extreme speed and high frequency, Cat8 isn’t designed for residential use specifically.

However, it is also suitable for commercial areas to get the right internet speed. Nevertheless, the best Cat 8 Ethernet cable is fully compatible with other Ethernet cabling versions including Cat6A with a distance of 100m.

Moreover, Cat-8 Ethernet cables are recommended for those places where the internet speed is high and want to transfer a lot of data. Still, Cat6 cable is ideal for most home connections that provide speeds up to 1 Gbits/s.

Cat8 Ethernet Cable for Gaming – All You Need to Know

If you’ve just made your gaming build you might be wondering what’s the best ethernet cable for gaming.

Although you don’t require a Cat8 Ethernet cable for gaming specifically, you can still use previous Ethernet versions for this purpose.

Not only for the games, but you can do much in the bandwidth. For instance, you can use the older Cat5e cable for surfing internet browsers, but you may face slow internet speed. 

On the other hand, if you are a serious gamer and want to improve your internet connection, you can get the best Ethernet cable for gaming, but it’s not crucial to get a Cat8 cable.

You can either opt for the cat 6 or cat 7 cables because they are considered ideal for gaming purposes and provide superior internet quality. 

Comparison of Cat7 vs. Cat8 Ethernet Cables

Don’t you wonder why gamers and other net internet users prefer Cat7 cables? Why are they not recommended? Just take a look at the comparison and you’ll get the answer.

Both Cat7 and Cat8 Ethernet cables come in shielded forms that deliver higher performance and excellent internet connection.

Notwithstanding, some other factors are also considered while comparing the two cables, including connectors, speed, frequency, cabling length, frequency, and backward compatibility. 

The key differences between the two are minor but in several areas.

Connection Speed and Distance

The maximum length of the Cat7 cable is 100m which provides up to 10 Gbps speed. On the other hand, Cat8 cable provides 25-40 Gbps speed and is only limited to 30m but it means the speed reduces as the cabling distance increases.


Another distinction between Cat7 and Cat8 Ethernet cables is the connector type that helps get the maximum out of the connection.

Although both cables come in shielded construction, Cat7 offers immense shielding for better signal strength. It requires a special GG45 connector. But this connector didn’t go well.

Thus, the Cat8 cable adopted the previous RJ45 connectors which are being used in every previous category cable.


The Cat7 transmits data with a frequency of 600 MHz from a distance of 100m. However, the Cat8 has the credibility to transfer data with up to 2000 MHz frequency from a 30m distance only. This range is much stronger than the Cat7 Ethernet cables.

So, if you decide to select between the Cat7 and Cat8 cables, keep these differences in mind, especially cabling length, speed, and frequency. However, the internet speed may also depend upon the ISP of your home or office. 

Pros and Cons of Cat8 Ethernet Cable

With the latest Cat-8 Ethernet cables, you will get plentiful benefits than the previous versions. However, you may find some shortcomings as well.

The fastest copper network than other Ethernet cables.The cat8 cable is pricier than other versions
Provides up to 2000 MHz of frequency.It is not meant for long-distant connections
It delivers the highest speed of the internet.
It can be ideally used for gaming and streaming.


Yes! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been getting in my comment section.

Is Cat8 the Fastest Ethernet Cable?

Yes! Cat8 is the fastest Ethernet cable that helps in transferring data with a speed of up to 40 Gbps, which is four times faster than the Cat7 cable. It supports a bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz and diminishes the poor signal quality.

What Does a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable Do?

A Cat8 Ethernet cable can be used in commercial areas or by hardcore gamers.

However, it is not recommended to use this cable for home networking as Cat6 cables can do the work for small home connections. Instead, you can use some other best Ethernet cables for streaming and surfing.

Are Cat 8 Cables Worth It?

The cat8 cable is more expensive than the cat6 and cat7 cables, it provides higher performance. The higher the execution, the higher the price.

However, the Cat8 Ethernet cable has boosted wiring in twisted and shielded form. Besides, you will get a 10-ft cable for just $10.


Now you can see that the Cat8 cable is relatively superior in all terms. However, if you want to transfer heavy data within seconds and have a 25+ Gbps internet plan, there is no better option than to use Cat-8 Ethernet cables for flawless speed. 

In essence, this modern Ethernet cable is designed to provide high-quality internet for an appropriate environment.

Nevertheless, based on the features of the Cat8 cable and its comparison with the Cat7 version, you can pick your choice as per your requirements to get the maximum data transfer speed.