How To Disable Laptop Keyboard Full Guide – 2023

When you accidentally dropped your laptop or spilled some liquid, your keyboard might have been damaged. So you need to know how to disable keyboard on laptop to use external ones, Right?

For this, you need a full step-by-step guide. And we’ve put together a guide on completely disabling a keyboard permanently or temporarily for anyone in this category.

Once the keyboard has been disabled, you can install, replace, clean, or retouch the keys without affecting your operating system. However, you can use an external keyboard to replace your laptop’s keyboard is a fast and easy way to get back to your work!

The downside of external keyboards is the inconvenience of carrying them around.

However, they offer several advantages, including improved typing, easier replacement, and being less expensive than laptops. Alternatively, you can replace the whole keyboard, which is quite expensive.

Laptop users may wish to disable the laptop’s damaged keyboard in these cases so they won’t accidentally type unwanted keystrokes. While your keyboard is damaged you should make a daily backup of your important files to prevent any (disastrous) changes.

In terms of the topic, we covered 5 different methods that can be used to disable a laptop keyboard. Hence, you can select the easiest and whichever method works for you e.g shortcut to disable the keyboard, etc. So without wasting more time, let’s get started.

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows Easily?

Linux, Ubuntu, and Mac OS are among the operating systems out there that have different implementations. Disabling the keyboard on windows is easier to disable temporarily (if you’re only doing it temporarily).

But it’s a bit harder if you want to disable it permanently. You should not worry; we thoroughly explained them both to help you in this matter.

1. How to Temporarily Disable Laptop Keyboard

If you just wish to disable your laptop’s keyboard until you restart, then the steps are straightforward. Using the Device Manager, uninstalling its drivers is all you need to do.

If you’re looking for a temporary fix or don’t mind rebooting your laptop each time, then this is an easy and quick solution to disable the windows keyboard.

How to disable laptop keyboard windows 10, the step-by-step guide:

  1. First, open Device Manager by entering “devmgmt.msc” into the Start Menu Search box.
  2. Now, expand the Keyboards.
  3. Right-click on the Netbook Keyboard Device > Uninstall.
  4. You can re-enable it at any time by just restarting your laptop.

When you uninstall a device, you will be asked multiple times for surety. Make sure not to restart your Laptop when accepting any of the suggestions.

The laptop keyboard can be restored to its original working condition by restarting the Laptop.

2. How to Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard with Group Policy Editor?

The built-in Local Group Policy Editor can be used to prevent any action from being taken by windows itself. This will prevent your laptop computer from automatically installing the keyboard driver from occurring at boot time when your computer starts.

To do this, you simply need to recognize the laptop’s hardware ID, which helps to simplify the process. When you’re done, stop anything related to that specific ID by using Group Policy Editor. Here’s how you can permanently disable a laptop keyboard by following this simple guide. So let’s get started.

  1. Get the Device ID on Device Manager -> The Keyboard Driver -> Right Click Properties -> Details -> Property “Corresponding Device ID”
  2. Copy this value
  3. Uninstall the driver
  4. Open the group policy edit and navigate from the left panel Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restriction.
  5. On the same policy editor, choose the one that goes “Prevent installation of devices corresponding to any of this device ids”
  6. Enable it, and paste the Device ID on the “Options” list.

If you want to re-enable the laptop keyboard, open the Group Policy Editor and set its status to “Not Configured”.

Don’t forget to Reboot your laptop to save your changes.

3. How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Permanently (The Simplest Way)

If you want to permanently disable your Laptop Keyboard, then you can try the method below. With this approach, your computer is tricked into using an incorrect keyboard driver instead of the original one.

Once you restart your Laptop, it’s not gonna install the drivers. Since the wrong drivers were installed, the keyboard won’t work. 

  1. Open the Device Manager as you open it in the last method. 
  2. Next, choose the Update driver option for the keyboard you’d like to disable. 
  3. In the next window that appears, select “Search my computer for driver software”.
  4. In the list of available drivers, select the option that says “Let me select from a list”.
  5. Make sure that Show compatible hardware is unchecked. 
  6. Last but not least, pick out a driver that doesn’t work with your Laptop’s keyboard. 
  7. Just follow the on-screen instructions and install the incorrect driver on your Laptop.

Your keyboard has been disabled once you have finished. Restart the Laptop after closing Device Manager. You will find that your Laptop Keyboard does not work anymore as soon as your computer starts again.

In addition, you can install the compatible drivers for your keyboard from the Device Manager if you ever want to restore the functionality of your keyboard.

Using Third-Party Apps to Disable Laptop Keyboards

Window 10 doesn’t offer you a simple way to disable the laptop keyboard. But don’t worry, you can use the third-party application, which makes this hectic process a lot easier & you can disable your laptop keyboard without a device manager.

On the internet, you can find various applications that make it easy to disable a keyboard on Windows. Here we have listed those options that will allow you to disable individual keys and the trackpad to solve your issue.

1. KeyFreeze

KeyFreeze is a free utility software specially designed to help you quickly disable the keyboard on a Windows PC and your laptop’s built-in keyboard. It offers you a simple installation process within a few clicks.

To lock your laptop keyboard, run this software on your System. Once it opens, you will see the Lock Keyboard and Mouse Button on the screen.

Just click on it, and it will disable both of the devices on your laptop simultaneously. The main disadvantage of this software is that you cannot simply disable one device at a time. In just a few clicks, both devices will be disabled.

To enable the keyboard and mouse on the disabled keyboard again, press simultaneously the Control, Alt, and Delete keys on the disabled keyboard and, then click ESC on the keyboard keypad.

Keyfreeze is the best software to quickly disable a laptop keyboard on windows 10, and it’s ultimately free to download.

3. Keyboard Locker

First, you need to download the Keyboard Locker software on your Laptop. After that, install it on your Hard Drive and then open the installation folder. Tons of files are available in the folder, but you need to find KeyboardLocker.exe.

Follow the below steps carefully to disable the laptop keyboard easily.

  1. Double Click on the KeyboardLocker.exe to run the software on your Laptop.
  2. Once it is launched, you will see the small keyboard icon on your notification area. It means this software is not ready to use. 
  3. Now to unlock the keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+L together. This command locks the keyboard, and the locker icon will automatically change and start indicating that your keyboard is locked now. 

Moreover, you can re-enable the keyboard by doing the same process. All the essential keyboard keys like Caps Lock, and Nums Lock, are entirely disabled.

How to Disable Any Specific Key on Your Keyboard?

Even if you don’t use any of the keys on your laptop keyboard, you can disable that key using any third-party software if sometimes you still accidentally press one of them. It is usually sufficient to disable a specific keyboard key completely to resolve such problems.

Moreover, it’s not gonna disabled permanently. You can easily switch it back on whenever you need to use it. To disable specific keys, I recommend you to use KeyTweak App and Simple Disable Key Software.

Follow the below steps carefully if you want to disable any specific key on your Laptop Keyboard. The process for both programs is the same, and both of them are safe and easy to use. 

1. KeyTweak App

  1. Download the software here!
  2. Once the program is downloaded, open it, then click Yes when prompted. Install the software by clicking I Agree.
  3. Upon downloading and installing this program, launch KeyTweak, and accept any prompts.
  4. Click on the key you wish to disable. In the Keyboard Controls menu, you can see the key names along with the numbers.
  5. To make the changes take effect, click Apply and then click Yes to restart your Laptop.

2. Simple Disable Key

  1. Download the Simple Disable Key software and install it on your Laptop.
  2. Once it fully installs, double-click on the icon to run.
  3. Once it opens, you need to choose the field labeled key option.
  4. Now you need to select the key which you want to disable. It also comes with an additional key option to make your process easier. 
  5. When you choose any Key, make sure to press Ok.

How to Disable Keyboard on Mac

Apple’s Macbook is the best laptop out there in the market. But what about if you want to clean your keyboard and need some guidance?

There are a couple of options available, but one way that’s easy as pie (and not much different than disabling any other peripheral) is by using terminal commands!

The Terminal is a powerful tool that lets you control your Mac environment in developer mode. It’s like the Windows Command Prompt, but it can disable your MacBook keyboard with just one command!

Just paste the command and put your password to confirm the action!

Now If you want to re-enable your mac keyboard to get back to work! You just need to paste this command with the help of a trackpad!

Final Words

There are several options available when disabling the laptop keyboard. I believe that Third-Party Application and Device Manager is the best method to use.

In addition, if you want to disable your keyboard permanently, you should use Group Policy Editor, which is somewhat risky. It only takes one mistake for your PC to crash. The article above provides you with every detail about the query How to Disable Laptop Keyboard.

In addition, if your laptop is damaged and you’re considering a new laptop, read our guide on the best laptop. If you’re a gamer and need a laptop consider our gaming laptop guide. We also have a guide for non-gaming laptops.

I hope you will find this guide helpful in disabling your laptop keyboard. Sharing this can help others who are looking for the same thing.

In addition, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section below. We’d love to hear how it goes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is.

How to disable the touchpad on the laptop shortcut key?

Your laptop touchpad could be easily disabled by pressing the corresponding keys in combination on your keyboard. Press Fn located on the lower left region and then tap on f6 or f8.

If it still doesn’t help, try finding a function key labeled on it, which indicates a switch for disabling or enabling your touchpad.

How to disable laptop keyboard shortcuts?

Search for the device manager in your startup bar and click on it, where you will be welcomed with a number of devices available on your laptop.

Right-click on the keyboard and then click disable in order to turn off the functionality of your keyboard.

How to disable the touch bar on MacBook pro?

As of now, there is no “Official” way to disable the touch Bar on the Macbook Pro, however, what you can really do is download a 3rd party application known as “Bar None” and install it from your app store, which will then disable and lock your touch bar so you won’t be able to use until your turn it back on in the “Bar None” settings.

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