How to Make Games Run Faster on a Laptop?

How to Make Games Run Faster on a Laptop?

Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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Many are those who use their PC to indulge in their favorite hobby: gaming. But sometimes the machine doesn’t follow in terms of components. It is, therefore, necessary to optimize it as well as possible, or even to change certain parts. But we cannot change the parts of a laptop so we will learn how to make games run faster on a laptop without taking it apart. Before boarding on optimization, here are some explanations. The goal is above all that you understand what is involved in improving, booting and optimizing games.


FPS for frames-per-second is the number of frames per second that your GPU (graphics card processor) can deliver during a game. The higher the FPS, the better the rendering of the game and close to realism. The frame rate per second or framerate, therefore, plays a lot on the player experience. It is the counter to be monitored which therefore makes it possible to determine whether an improvement in the performance of your games has been established.

understanding fps - make games run faster on a laptop

Below are examples of FPS, for example, 60 FPS means that your graphics card displays 60 frames per second. The minimum of FPS for the game to be playable is considered to be 20 FPS.

  • 30 FPS – This is the number of FPS of a console and not a very powerful PC.
  • 60 FPS – This is the number of FPS to target for current games.
  • 120 FPS – The frame rate per second for screens with a refresh at 144-165 Hz is also the maximum that PCs dedicated to games can achieve.
  • 240 FPS – This is the rate that can only be achieved with a 240 HZ screen and requires the most powerful hardware and hardware.


It is quite possible to play video games on a gaming laptop or desktop computer. However, a fixed tower allows more freedom, since it is much easier to replace the different components with better ones. A non-gaming laptop, on the other hand, offers more convenience since it is possible to take it everywhere with you and to continue a game of video game where it left off. Unfortunately, compared to desktop gaming PC, you cannot change the parts of a laptop to improve the gaming performance. So here are a few tips on how to make games run faster on a laptop. There are also some tips on how to make games run faster on mac which makes your mac gives you the best performence while gaming.

Update the Graphics Card Drivers

Whether you use a dedicated graphics card or an iGPU, you need to keep your driver up-to-date. Each new revision of the driver usually allows obtaining a little more performance than the previous one. In addition to supporting new games that have been released since the previous version of the drivers was released. Check Out Cheapest 4k Graphics Cards.

Update Your Graphics Driver to Make Games Run Faster on a Laptop

Both AMD Radeon and NVIDIA have their own laptop drivers. In the case of AMD, its drivers for its APU processors have come a long way since the first models of these processors with integrated graphics were released. And now they are updated much more frequently than originally.

You can use the Intel Driver Update Utility or AMD Driver AutoDetect. Here are some other links to help you download drivers for your computer: GEFORCE Drivers, AMD & Radeon drivers, Intel drivers.

NVIDIA Display Software Optimization

Nvidia GeForce Experience allows you to modify the effects and quality with:

  • General settings that you can apply to all apps and games
  • Custom settings for each game.

Optimize NVIDIA Software for Optimization

Therefore, you apply either the same parameters to all your applications, or you customize the parameters for your games by activating certain effects. From NVIDIA GeForce Experience, decide to use the global settings or finally set a quality/performance level.

This last option is the simplest if you want to play on the gain of FPS by playing on the reduction of the quality and definitions of your games.

If you decide to apply the global parameters, in the Manage 3D parameters section you can adjust the general parameters and in particular:

  • Power management mode for maximum performance
  • Texture filtering – quality on high performance

Note that the Program settings tab which allows you to customize the settings for each game. Finally, NVIDIA GeForce Experience can also make its own optimizations.

Optimize Your Windows

One of the best ways to optimize Windows 10 is to disable processes that start automatically without our consent, thereby improving Windows startup time. For this, we do second click on the bottom bar of Windows, where there is no icon, and we click on “Task Manager”. Once there, we go to the “Home” tab and order the list by clicking on the “Status” column.

optimize your software - make games run faster on a laptop

Now we are going to proceed to disable some unnecessary processes. The problem is that this varies a lot depending on the user and the programs you have installed on the PC, but in general you can disable anything that is not essential. With this we do not mean, for example, not disable the icons in which a speaker appears (they are usually sound drivers), nor do we disable “Windows Defender”.

Well, with this we have improved the startup time of the computer, we have also made it not start so many things and have more memory available to play. The next step in this guide to improve the performance of the computer is to manage the power of the PC.

Choose the High-Performance Power Plan

Open the Control Panel > Power Options. Select the High-Performance plan here to increase the performance of your laptop.

Play with Game Settings

Here’s the problem: most video games have their own setting area. This is where the player can modify the game to get a better result or something less in line with what their graphics card is capable of handling.

Play With Game Settings

The software usually selects the best graphics setting for a game and, in most cases, it works. However, sometimes the software reverts to the lowest setting, even if the graphics card is capable of running the game with the highest settings available.

In such a case, you must intervene and make the necessary modifications to obtain better performance.

Try Free Game Boosting Software

Game Booster generally is a software that will optimize your game according to your laptop performance. It can display extra apps that are running, and make free memory to run a game.

Tool Wiz Game Boost is a program designed to improve game performance.

Fusion Utility for AMD Desktops can help you optimize your PC for gaming.

Avoid Overlays

Disable and avoid application overlays and overlays. When you play, close as many programs as your internet browsers, TeamViewer, Discord, Skype, etc. You can also turn off overlays in NVIDIA GeForce Experience or Steam.

Use High Quality Network Cable

Playing multiplayer games like Fortnite, PUBG requires high speed internet connection so that there is no lag in the game. So, you should get the best ethernet cable for gaming.


If all the solutions proposed above are not enough for you, there is one last one that will allow you to unleash the maximum performance of your PC, overclocking. This involves unlocking your graphics card or processor so that they release all the power they have.

The procedure is not extremely difficult, however for someone who knows a minimum; overclocking is therefore not recommended for beginners, as this could damage your computer or even cause irreversible damage.

However, before you get into overclocking, you must at all costs have a good cooling system. This solution to consider is only temporary, and dangerous if you do not take the time to do exactly what is necessary.