How to Run Ethernet Cable Through Walls?

Networking your home with Ethernet cables through the walls could be rough and tough. However, wireless internet networks are getting more demanding and better with time.

But, a wired or Ethernet connection is crucial for getting high-speed internet with great frequency and reduced latency.

Yet, the only problem you may encounter with the Ethernet network could be its connection all across the house. You need to get its cable over your home’s walls.

This process could be pretty complicated because it requires a complete remodeling of your house. However, if you execute this process during construction or renovation, it takes no effort. 

It is pretty simple to run an Ethernet cable through the interior walls. Yet, you may find this process quite challenging. No worries! Below is mentioned a detailed stepwise procedure to network your house with an Ethernet connection.

How to Run Ethernet Cable Through Walls?

Here are some steps that will help you.

Step 1: Make a Hole into the Wall Using the Drill Machine

Usually, there are some spare holes in the walls that are left for wiring. But, if you could not find one, you can make a hole yourself with the help of the drill machine. Make sure to leave adequate space for running the wire before making a hole. 

While drilling your wall, be careful about the water line or other wiring lines because they can be disconnected and damaged.

Tip: Draw a dot or line on the wall where you want to make a hole. Doing this helps you drill the exact location.

Step 2: Insert the Ethernet Cable into the Hole

Once you have drilled a hole into the wall, enter the Ethernet cable from one side and pull it out from the other end. Well, it could be hard to pass the cable through the wall, so you can use the drill bit. 

When you’ve made the hole, do not take out the drill instantly. Take the drill bit out, attach one end of the cable to the machine, and then take it out. The cable would cross the wall itself without any bother.

Now you can connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port or directly to the devices and access fast internet.


Following are some of the faqs that I have gotten from different forums and comment sections.

Can I run an Ethernet cable through a brick wall?

Absolutely! You can use a metal or plastic rectangle tube and mount it on the wall to insert the wire inside the wall.

Although it may appear a bit messy, passing the wire through a brick cable can be done this way.

How can I hide my Ethernet cable from outside?

Well, the Ethernet cable is waterproof; still, it can be damaged by dazzling sunlight.

In such cases, you should opt for the best cat6 cable. This cable is both waterproof and UV-protected to prevent sunlight exposure.

Bottom Line

Wired connections undoubtedly provide the best internet connections and several other benefits, but in order to get the desired results, you need to put a little effort into proper wiring connections.