Wifi and Ethernet internet connection is somehow considered under the same line. But, as a gamer, you must have heard a lot of complaints about the wireless Wi-Fi connection and people praising the wired connections. Then what is the reason behind that?

Well, the wireless internet connection has improved drastically with time, but you cannot deny the enhanced speed of the wired connection and its importance. Thus, if you are going to get a new internet connection and are confused about choosing between the wired and wireless internet connection, this article will help you out!

Difference Between Wifi and Ethernet Cable

The choice between WiFi and Ethernet cable is anticipated to be a determining factor in getting a new internet connection. But, how are both different in terms of speed, reliability, security, and quality? Here’s a brief introduction to Wifi and Ethernet connections.


Ethernet is an older form of internet connection that was introduced in 1973. It connects with devices through LAN that consists of Ethernet cable, crossover cable, hub, and router.

Nevertheless, with the evolution of technology, Ethernet has come in a variety of cables, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and the latest version, Cat8 Ethernet cables. The most commonly used cable is the Cat6 cable that provides a speed of up to 1000Mbps. However, each version is faster than the previous one. 


Wi-Fi is the latest wireless internet technology that was introduced in 1999. It allows devices to connect to the internet without any wired connection. It is the most prevalent type of internet connection these days. However, most computers do not come with the capabilities to connect with wireless connections. In that case, you need to pick an Ethernet-Wifi adapter to connect them.

Elements Distinguishing Wifi and Ethernet Connection

Before adopting the Wi-Fi or ethernet internet connection, you must decide the purpose of the internet. You should identify whether you want to connect to the internet with your smartphones, PCs, or consoles. Since either of the options is not ideally compatible with all devices.

Generally, Wi-Fi is considered ideal for tablets and mobile devices in order to connect wirelessly and provide convenience. However, if you are a gaming enthusiast, ethernet cable is the best option for enhanced speed and connectivity. But before to buy ethernet cable you have to look what type of cable can perform well for your gaming purpose.

Glimpse some factors to determine the difference between Wifi vs Ethernet cables.


Latency is one of the most significant factors that should not be overlooked while getting a new internet connection. Latency is typically referred to as the term ‘ping’ in the gaming world. It is used to describe the delays in communication over a network which is thought as the time to load a webpage. It means the higher interference would provide higher latency.

However, the issue of latency with Wi-Fi connection may lead to slow internet speed, input lag, and other connection issues when the signals are dropped. If anything happens to the latency, it can cause problems with the gaming and buffering while streaming.

On the other hand, the Ethernet cable has no issue with the latency. As long as you use a wired connection, your connection will be consistent and fulfill the requirements of the game. 


Well, speed is the primary concern of everybody while having an internet connection. Ethernet certainly provides higher internet speed as compared to Wi-Fi, which delivers approximately 100Mbps to 10Gbps or sometimes beyond that. But it depends upon the Internet Service Providers and the length of your ethernet cable.

Wi-Fi, relatively, was previously based on 802.11g standard that delivered a maximum speed of 54Mbps. But this speed is adequate for your mobile phones.

Above all, if you want to send files within seconds, go for an Ethernet connection. With the Ethernet cable, the transfer is smoother and faster.


The key reason why many gamers prefer Ethernet over Wi-Fi connection is reliability. Imagine you are playing Call of Duty over Wi-Fi and it suddenly disconnects because of poor internet connection. It makes you pissed off! 

As a gamer, you should always require an internet connection that delivers stable and consistent speed; and Ethernet provides so. 

Although Wi-Fi is convenient for many people with mobile devices and tablets, it may be impacted by some environmental factors or wrong placement. For consistent speed and reliability, you must place the router in an ideal position. 


Last but not least, security is another crucial factor due to which many people prefer ethernet over Wi-Fi. Since many large corporations have to transfer their data through the internet, thus they require an internet connection that is secured from a third party. Well, ethernet is only connected to the wired devices, so your data is encrypted and secured.

Which Connection is Better?

While considering Wifi vs Ethernet cable, you have got to know about several factors that differentiate the two types of internet connections. However, Ethernet wins each element with its super fast speed and excellent reliability. That’s why a wired internet connection is comparatively more reliable and consistent than a Wi-Fi connection. But talking about the ease-of-use, Wifi can easily be connected with your mobile devices without any hurdle.

So you have to decide whether you are looking for convenience or performance, then opt for the most suitable internet connection for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Faster Is an Ethernet Cable Than Wifi?

Today, the fastest Ethernet speed is up to 25-40Gbps that is delivered by Cat8 Ethernet cables. However, Wi-Fi is only limited to a maximum of 6.9Gbps.

Which Is Better for Streaming, Wifi or Ethernet?

When it comes to streaming, Ethernet wins the argument over Wi-Fi. Ethernet is undoubtedly a better option for streaming that provides a more stable and faster internet connection.

How Is Wifi Faster Than Ethernet?

Well, Wi-Fi is less secure than Ethernet, but it can connect with more than one device simultaneously. On the other hand, Ethernet directly connects with the device which is physically wired with it.

Should I Use Ethernet or Wifi for Gaming?

For gaming, Ethernet is still preferable for stable and fast internet connection. Ethernet is especially recommended for gaming purposes because wired connections are more reliable.

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